New York City Launches Checkbook 2.0

NYC Checkbook 2.0

In a press release today, NYC Comptroller John Liu announced the update of the city’s financial transparency platform, now called Checkbook 2.0:

“Checkbook NYC 2.0 is probably the most powerful fiscal transparency website in the United States, maybe the world. It’s a civic-technology home run for New Yorkers,” said John Kaehny, Co-Chair of the NYC Transparency Working Group and Executive Director of Reinvent Albany. “It hugely increases the usefulness of the City’s Financial Management System to watchdog groups and journalists, and allows the public to cast an independent eye on City spending. And, hugely to the Comptroller’s credit, Checkbook NYC 2.0 will be open source – which means governments and transparency groups across the country can reuse it to shine a light on their own city or state.”